Wired vs. Wireless Home Security Systems – Which is Best for Your Family?
Wired vs. Wireless Home Security Systems – Which is Best for Your Family?

Wired vs. Wireless Home Security Systems – Which is Best for Your Family?

Family looking for a home security system

Are you looking to upgrade your existing home security system or to purchase a new one?

If so, you’ll need to decide if you want to install hard-wired or wireless security products.
In this article about home security systems, we’ll show you the type of people who choose one over the other and then show you the pros and cons of each system.
A note about wireless monitoring: If you don’t have a landline telephone and are looking for alternative monitoring options, you are looking for wireless monitoring (also called cellular or radio monitoring). For more on this subject, check out our blog on “Can I get a home security system without a landline?”
People who get wired security systems
Meet Jonathan. His family is moving into a new home, and he is already shopping for a security system to keep his family safe. Unfortunately, he’s already spent so much moving that he needs a system that won’t cost too much. In the future, when he has more money, Jonathan wants to add more functionality to the security system (like a carbon monoxide alarm or glass-break sensors).
After talking with a security consultant, he decided to go with a wired home security system.
Jonathan liked that the equipment wasn’t very expensive and, even though it’s wired, is compatible with wireless security products. That way, if a wire couldn’t be placed somewhere to add a motion sensor, he could get a wireless motion detector instead. As an added bonus, he likes that he doesn’t need to change any batteries.
Jonathan’s scenario is just one example of someone who prefers a hard-wired security system.
Here are the pros and cons of this type of system.
Wired security system pros:
  • Costs less compared to wireless
  • Constantly powers sensors (no batteries required)
Wired security system cons:
  • Harder to take with you when you move out
  • Typically needs a professional to install
People who get wireless systems
Meet Sarah. She has an older security system and wants to upgrade. She’s conflicted though. She’s knows she’s going to move in a few years, so she does not want a new system that she can’t take with her.
After discussing her situation with a security consultant, she decided to get a wireless home security system.
With the wireless security system she could get the security system she wanted now and easily take the system with her when she moved in a few years. And having it installed was easy and hardly took any time at all. She knows now that when she moves, everything will go smoothly.
Sarah’s scenario is just one example of someone who prefers a wireless home security system. Here are the pros and cons of wireless security:
Wireless security system pros
  • Easy to take with you when you move (great for renters or people who move often)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be installed by yourself, though having a professional install it is best to prevent false alarms
Wireless security system cons
  • Replacing batteries can be a hassle (though the batteries last several years)
  • Equipment costs more than wired systems
What about frequency interference issues?
You might be wondering why we didn’t mention frequency interference as a wireless con. Many wireless security products use proprietary technology, so there’s no chance of interference from other products in your home.
Stacking the two systems side by side, you can see that each has their uses. The type that’s best for your family depends on your current situation in life. For a free consultation on a new security system, talk to one of our security professionals for free consultation.