Asheville Security
24 Hour Monitoring Station

24 Hour Monitoring Station

24 Hours A Day • 7 Days A Week

Our U.L. Listed and Approved Central Station, has the newest and most
state of the art equipment and software designed to monitor and process your alarm system’s signals.

Based on the specific signal we receive from your alarm panel,
we will dispatch the Police, Fire Department, or an Ambulance
as well as notify you at work or even on your cell phone all within seconds of an event.

Even if you don’t have phone service at your home we can still monitor you via our
Long Range Radio’s and our Cellular Communications service.

State of the Art Facility

ULOur local U.L. Central Station is the largest in the Western Carolina Region, monitoring North Caroline,
South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee,  Virginia, West Virginia, and most of the Eastern United States.

Our State-of-the-Art facility offers services not available at other monitoring stations,
including video monitoring, GPS monitoring, Radio and Cellular Back-Up and more!

How It Works

Here is what happens when your alarm is tripped:

  1. A signal is sent from your control panel to our monitoring facility.
  2. They call your premises to verify the alarm. Your password is on file with them so that you can identify yourself in the event of a false alarm.
  3. Our Central Station dispatches the proper authorities. (Police, Fire or Medical)
  4. Operators contact your emergency call list to notify you or your assigned emergency responder of the alarm and dispatch.

For details regarding our procedures, feel free to call our office and speak with one of our helpful customer service team members at (828) 252-6411, or, if you are outside the Asheville area, 1-800-273-7781. You can also email us at