Panic Room
Panic Room

Panic Room

The Safest Room for Your Family During a Break-In

28% of home burglaries happen when a family member is home.

If you’re in your home and someone comes smashing through the front door – what do you do?

Don’t confront them.

If you’re prepared, you and your family should retreat to the panic room until help arrives.


What is a panic room?

A panic room (also called a safe room) is an ultra-secure room in your home your family can easily get to during a burglary. Basically, it’s your fortified sanctuary until help arrives.

You might think that all panic rooms are extreme bunker-like rooms like in the movie “Panic Room”

But, it does not need to be an extra room you build. In fact, you can turn an existing room in your home into a panic room with some minor changes.

Which rooms make the best panic rooms?

Bedrooms make a good choice because you’re already there when you’re asleep. And they typically only have one entrance (which is what you need). Walk-in closets also work.

But, really, any room makes a good panic room if it has these characteristics:.

  • Easy to access for your entire family
  • Only one entrance door
  • The door is kick-proof
  • The door has a strong lock
  • There are no windows or the windows are reinforced

Once you’ve found the room that will serve as your family’s fortress, make sure you have the right items at your fingertips.

What should I have in my panic room?

These are some of the basics you should have:

  • A charged cell phone
  • A security system keypad
  • Pepper spray or any other self defense weapon

You can also place security cameras around your home so you can see what’s going on through any web-enabled device, like a smartphone, while in your panic room. That way you’ll know where the burglars are in your home and if they are getting near your safe room.

The security cameras will also catch the faces of the burglars so authorities can catch them later.

Plan and practice

Once you’ve got your panic room set up, make sure you:

  1. Plan– Explain your safety plan to your family, including where to go in different circumstances and scenarios.
  2. Practice– Practice your safety plan with your family. Children may panic during a break-in, so get them used to going to the panic room by doing a practice run.

Keep this in mind: Even if it looks like the burglars have left your home, do NOT exit the panic room until help has arrived.

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